All-New Echo Show (2nd Gen)

The Echo Show shows all the things we love about the Echo Plus, including the important Zigbee frequency communication, but adds a screen that opens up your possibilities and your smart home.

Music is no longer limited to sound, with the ability to watch videos and lyrics, or just add the album art on the 10.1-inch screen. Recipes are no longer paused to read the next step. Instead, you can follow videos and instructions. Or you can enable Prime Video content in the background while mixing all the ingredients.

Now for the whole Smart Hub aspect. You can use your voice to control compatible items and devices, from incandescent lamps to doorbells and thermostats. There is also a technology that allows you to see the flow of your front door if you have a smart camera bell. So you can always keep an eye on the coming and going without rushing to the door.

Or why not make a video call? You can contact anyone with the Alexa app, an echo spot or an echo show. The sound is also improved over the older version.

Migrating over your existing Internet of Things items from their original bridges is easy enough, since Alexa automatically detects all compatible devices and connects everything on your behalf.

Adding a screen offers a significant price jump over the Echo Plus, but opens up the possibilities, especially if you have visual security devices or love visual accompaniment. There are some limitations to the available apps and devices that you can connect to the Hub, but it’s available to many more.

  • Premium speakers with Dolby processing let you stream music and books in crisp, stereo sound. With a vibrant 10.1″ HD screen for watching videos, movies, and TV shows—in a new fabric design.
  • Ask Alexa to see lyrics and album art with Amazon Music. See weather forecasts, calendars, to-do lists, and your favorite playlists.
  • Watch award-winning movies and shows from Prime Video, music videos from Vevo, or live TV and sports with a Hulu subscription.
  • Make video calls to anyone with Skype, the Alexa app, an Echo Spot, or Echo Show.
  • Your new kitchen companion—watch recipe videos, set timers and alarms, and add items to your shopping list.
  • Set up compatible Zigbee devices without the need for a separate hub. See your front door camera stream with 2-way audio and notifications.
  • With eight microphones and far-field technology, Alexa can hear you even while music playing. Echo Show is built with multiple layers of protection and privacy controls. Echo Show is designed by default to detect only the wake word (“Alexa”).
  • With over 50,000 skills and counting, Alexa is always getting smarter. Skills are like apps and let you do more with Alexa.

We like

  • Larger screen than 1st Generation
  • Great sound

We dislike

  • Only has Zigbee or Works With Alexa connections so far

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