BOSE Home Speaker 500

Anyone who knows the basics of speakers knows Bose. Many think that their products are quite unrivaled.

This smart option with Alexa and a small display will appeal to anyone who wants the quality of Bose with a few extras. The sound comes from two custom drivers pointing in opposite directions to knock the sound off the walls. There’s a lot to be had, so it’s great to fill a room with music. There are also three ways to control this. Use your voice to ask Alexa to pause / skip / play the music, use the touch controls on the top of the device, or control them through the Bose Music app. When the music is loud, the speaker can still hear and respond to your commands thanks to eight microphones and far-field technology. Integrated music services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, can expand the possibilities of hearing, and there is a good chance that the streaming service you choose will be available. Because they work without Wi-Fi, you do not need additional cables or precautions for access. It can also work over Bluetooth if you want to play music from files on your phone. The screen is a very nice touch that displays album artwork or playlist information. The setup is easy and the main show (the sound) is clear, loud and punchy if need be. Perfect, but we would not expect less from Bose. Our only big advantage is the price, as there are a few options that are cheaper but just as good in our heads, but if you’re a fan of the brand, do not be put off.

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