Category: Home Smart Hub

Philips Hue Home Automation Smart Bridge 2.0

First and foremost a lighting range, this is one of the cheapest bridges there is. Ideal if only the lighting in your home is the best solution. The bridge is the heart of your system, connecting up to 50 hue lights and accessories. There is enough to cover your entire home with smart lighting. All

Logitech Harmony Elite Advanced Remote Control, Hub and App

If smart home entertainment is your primary setup and you want to connect them all together, this is an affordable choice. One of the main goals of the Harmony is to reduce the need for multiple remote controls that clog your living room and your coffee table drawers. Up to 15 devices can be connected

SAMSUNG SmartThings Hub v3

The Samsung Smart Hub uses a generous frequency range, so there is a chance that all your Smart Home products will connect to it. It is at the heart of every SmartThing house and can be connected to hundreds of items in your home, including: Bose, Philips, Yale, Honeywell and many others. Samsung also offers

All-New Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

Amazon Alexa has long been at the forefront of intelligent speaker and voice assistants. But to control elements, they usually have to go through a special stroke. However, thanks to the Zigbee, the new Echo Plus has eliminated two different products. All you have to do is control your lights, thermostats and safety features, and

All-New Echo Show (2nd Gen)

The Echo Show shows all the things we love about the Echo Plus, including the important Zigbee frequency communication, but adds a screen that opens up your possibilities and your smart home. Music is no longer limited to sound, with the ability to watch videos and lyrics, or just add the album art on the