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SONOS One Wireless Smart Sound Speaker

SONOS. Known around the world for their speakers, it makes it even easier. Unlike some other manufacturers of non-Amazon / Google / Apple Smart speakers, this manufacturer uses Alexa unlike Google. Due to the background of SONOS as a company, it is not surprising to say that this is primarily intended for music lovers. It

Greater speaker sound than the mini version Amazon Echo

The original voice-controlled smart speaker. If you have the dot or stain, but do not hate the fact that they are not really good at running the speaker part with music, then the larger echo could be your answer. All you have to do is ask and you will get answers to the weather and

Amazon Echo Input

With the advent of intelligent speaker technology, you are forgiven for thinking that the state of the art in your living room is suddenly a little less chic. You probably have a better sound than an Echo Dot or Google Home, but if you can control it with your voice, this would certainly add a

MARSHALL Acton II Wireless Voice Controlled Speaker

A title name when referring to speakers. This is Marshall’s smallest speaker, but that does not mean quality suffers. It simply combines the sound of Marshall with the latest AI technology and gives you an item that not only gives your music the treatment it deserves, but also lets it control your voice. This voice

BOSE Home Speaker 500

Anyone who knows the basics of speakers knows Bose. Many think that their products are quite unrivaled. This smart option with Alexa and a small display will appeal to anyone who wants the quality of Bose with a few extras. The sound comes from two custom drivers pointing in opposite directions to knock the sound

Lenovo Smart Display 10

Intelligent loudspeakers with large screens sneak onto the market, but are still rare. So we were curious what brought Lenovo to the table. We also wanted to compare it to the Google Home Hub because they both use the same technology to get their work done. First, it is more expensive than this alternative, but

JBL Link 500 Voice Activated Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A great article if you want Google Assistant, but something that can add a little more to your music experience. JBL is a company that offers great speaker technology and the ability to use voice control and connect it to other compatible speakers is very welcome. It’s a good alternative to some of the more