Greater speaker sound than the mini version Amazon Echo

The original voice-controlled smart speaker. If you have the dot or stain, but do not hate the fact that they are not really good at running the speaker part with music, then the larger echo could be your answer.

All you have to do is ask and you will get answers to the weather and football matches as well as phone calls and messages. Surround 360 ° technology is delivered via the 2.5-inch woofer and the 0.6-inch tweeter, giving you crisp vocals and a dynamic bass throughout the room. As usual, you can control other smart devices from thermostats to lighting. You can also control other echoes throughout the house by telling him to play the same song below, or play your playlist “going out” in the bedroom before you set off. You can also send messages to anyone with an echo or app in your house. You can tell dinner it’s done or you ask a question without either of you having to leave the room. You love the idea of ​​controlling your lighting with a smart speaker, but you need to buy the right products? Just add them as an extra before you go to checkout.

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