JBL Link 500 Voice Activated Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A great article if you want Google Assistant, but something that can add a little more to your music experience.

JBL is a company that offers great speaker technology and the ability to use voice control and connect it to other compatible speakers is very welcome. It’s a good alternative to some of the more expensive options, and while it may not deliver any sound that could compete with the top speakers out there, you still get a warm sound and a great bass. It’s a relatively small device that makes sound even more impressive. There is an exposed woofer on the back, but it would be nice if this not only improved the quality on the front, but also added something new to the mix. At the top of the speaker are some basic controls that allow you to take physical control. Bluetooth pairing, microphone mute, Google Assistant, volume controls and a play button will appeal to some who prefer an alternative to their voice. It could also be good, as it is difficult to capture voices when the volume is higher. Things could get pretty intrusive, especially if you are not near the speaker at this point. This is frustrating because so many rivals would even catch your voice in a whisper. There were a few issues where the wrong artist was heard, which was frustrating. There is also no way to make phone calls, which can offer cheaper alternatives. However, it recognizes different voices so that the answers can be better tuned to what they need to hear. With other JBL Link or Chromecast speakers, you can create a small sound ecosystem and play the same song on any or every room.

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