Lenovo Smart Display 10

Intelligent loudspeakers with large screens sneak onto the market, but are still rare. So we were curious what brought Lenovo to the table. We also wanted to compare it to the Google Home Hub because they both use the same technology to get their work done.

First, it is more expensive than this alternative, but in the same way as the Echo Show for a product of this kind not too extreme. The screen is 10 inches taller than 7 inches, which can be appealing. There is a smaller 8-inch card at a price more in line with the Home Hub if you want to pay under $ 150. However, you can still connect to other Google articles if you want to use a whole system on the go. It can also control your other smart products, from lights to plugs and heating or security systems. With Google Duo, you can call your contacts by video just by calling their name. Perfect if you need to call your mom to ask her how you can save your bread dough, but your hands are a bit messy, to say the least. If you do not want to hear or see, you can use the TrueBlock Privacy Shutter to mute the microphones and cover the camera. On the screen you can not only hear instructions but also visualize them. From YouTube cooking classes to Google Maps and images, you can fully understand what you’re trying to understand or follow. Although the 8-inch version is cheaper, we think that the resolution thrust the 10-inch offers is worth the investment (though the price jump is a bit steep in comparison). We like the fact that there is a touch screen so you can move to the next page of the recipe without disturbing the currently playing song. Sometimes you do not want to just use your voice, so the ability to click and steer is welcome.

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