SONOS One Wireless Smart Sound Speaker

SONOS. Known around the world for their speakers, it makes it even easier. Unlike some other manufacturers of non-Amazon / Google / Apple Smart speakers, this manufacturer uses Alexa unlike Google.

Due to the background of SONOS as a company, it is not surprising to say that this is primarily intended for music lovers. It offers the widest range of available music app combinations: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Tidal, Groove, Qobuz and Mix Cloud. Therefore, for anyone who is frustrated, it’s great that the most popular voice speakers only support one or two of the above, especially if you stay away from them. It can be connected to any SONOS home system to control the music in each room and play a different song in the kitchen than the one played in the bedroom. Trueplay technology evaluates the space around the speaker and adjusts its sound. Touch commands can be made through the app on your smartphone. The more you work with it, the more helpful it becomes over time. However, do not just think that it is only for music fans. You can also use Alexa to manage your compatible smart devices, check messages and traffic updates, and enjoy all the Alexa capabilities.

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